CURSING: The Forbidden Art of Self Expression

Cursing. What is cursing? I am not talking about those magical curses that one person puts on the other in a fit of anger. What I am talking about is the uttering of the curse words, those f – words and a – words in English and other curse words that I am confident is present in every language around the world.

Now that we are clear about which cursing we are talking about let me ask you all a question. When was the last time you heard someone curse? If you are not living under a rock, its probably not even been 24 hours.

Another question. When was the last time you cursed? Read more



What has just ended in Nepal? The board examination of grade 12 conducted by NEB(National Education Board).

What’s so special about this examination? It’s the end of High School Life examination.

What after this examination? Join some entrance preparation courses in some renowned entrance preparation institute. Read more

No Horn Please

Everyone is well aware of the new rule set by the Nepal Government, ‘The No Horn Rule’. Government’s way of following the trend and saying “New Year New Me”.

Like all the other commuters in the city of Kathmandu I was also tired of hearing the honk of bikes, mirco bus and other vehicles for no reason. And this new rule has brought some relief to my ears.

But the horn was put in the machinery for a reason. It was kept there because it was needed to show the presence of the vehicle to others. To tell people to get out of the way when hitting the brakes was not enough. Read more


This is a place where you will face things so random and so unconnected that you will start to question the existence of this place.

This place has no boundary and no restrictions.
Most of the topics here will be the thoughts that run through my mind when I am travelling to and from my college.
The things I see, hear or just imagine as I make my way through the crowded roads of Kathmandu everyday. These thoughts might have no basis scientific or otherwise.
But they will continue to exist just cause they can.