I think I speak for everyone when I say “Everyone wants to take the window seat on a travel”. For some reason the window seat is always attractive.

I have seen siblings fight on who gets to sit by the window and have overheard people discussing how they want to take the window seat even on air travels.

And I am no different. I want the window seat too. If there is a window seat empty at the very last I will go and take that seat even if I am getting off the bus two stops later.

On one of my such travel by a window seat I had a thought. “What if we are taking a window seat on our life?”

Let me clarify my thoughts. We see through our eyes right. Pretty much like the window in a bus shows us the outside world.  What if our eyes are windows, our body the body of bus, brain is the driver, legs are the wheels, food is the petroleum and so on.

The brain takes the decision whether to move right or left, forward or backward, to stop or continue moving. The driver makes the same decision too.

I know its not a possibility to be the way I am saying. We have much more complicated movements than a bus. And of course we have thoughts and consciousness, emotion, feelings and what not.

But wouldn’t it be fun (or relaxing or anything) if for one day we could just sit back and have a window seat of our life. Let something or someone else be the motor of our body and take all the decisions. No pressure to do anything, just taking the window side seat and watch the story of our life unfold before our eyes(or windows).

If everything worked like the bus, we would know where we start our journey and the driver of our life will drop us real close to our goal. As near as it possible without us having to intervene.

We would feel the ups and downs, the careful driving on a narrow path and the top speed on an open highway. We would be thrown smashing to the seat in front on a sudden brake or to the back of our seat on an increased acceleration.

We would bounce up when our bus, our body, hits a pothole and feel the scorching sun coming from the window. Or the gentle breeze that blows through our face.

But that would just be it. We will be experiencing all these but we won’t need to make any conscious decision.

After this journey ends. We would slowly get off the bus and take the wheels of our life in our own hands. Rejoicing at the memory of a memorable journey and walking on with our own motivation towards the goal which is closer than ever.


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