A quick search of the term “personal space” in google greets you with the following result.

So personal space is the immediate physical space surrounding our body.

If you start to read some of the articles on the same search you will get to know 1 to 3 feet distance is acceptable for family and friends while normally its more than 4 feet for strangers.

But how well is this applicable in our actual life?



Surprisingly almost all of us protect our personal space subconsciously.

Whenever we find a bus with very less people we avoid sitting next to someone else and choose a twin seat where no one else is sitting. This way we protect our own personal space as well as respect someone else’s.

This is more visible if a guy is sitting on a seat and a girl boards the bus. From my personal observations I have seen this happen more than once.

But then again even the comfortable personal space takes gender as factor. A female might be comfortable with another female sitting really close to her but will start to feel queasy if its a male.

I will go so far as to say that along with gender position of seat affects how a person tries to protect one’s personal space. Girls normally hesitate to take the last seat if there are guys sitting there and would prefer to stand. On the other hand a guy will not think twice about this.

This is one of the few ways people protect their own personal space in a public vehicle. But travelling in a public vehicle requires us to respect other’s personal space too. We can do this by taking up just the space provided in the seat. If this is not possible because of some physical reasons we can always take the aisle side seat and occupy the empty space besides us.

A lot of people are considerate about this and respect other’s personal space. They are very careful to not encroach other’s personal space. But not all people are like that.

Here is a picture of topi of another person on top of my bag. This person boarded the bus and regardless of other empty seats decided to sit next to me.

Okay it is fine anyone can sit anywhere. But this person takes the seat and manspreads so much that I am now driven to a corner. Keep in mind that he was in the aisle side seat and could have stretched on the other side.

He then just takes off his topi and puts it on top of my bag without asking for permission.

This is a request to all my readers to not be similar to this person and respect other’s privacy.

Because if you do not we might end up with a society where every one will start using devices for personal space like in this image.


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