Cursing. What is cursing? I am not talking about those magical curses that one person puts on the other in a fit of anger. What I am talking about is the uttering of the curse words, those f – words and a – words in English and other curse words that I am confident is present in every language around the world.

Now that we are clear about which cursing we are talking about let me ask you all a question. When was the last time you heard someone curse? If you are not living under a rock, its probably not even been 24 hours.

Another question. When was the last time you cursed?

Cursing: Forbidden Art of Self-Expression
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Now some of you who are brought up in a religious household might say I have never cursed. It may be true but its hard to believe that a person has not cursed even once.

Now some of you might have just cursed to say its not even been a minute, you rebellious punk.

Between these two extremes lies a group of people who curse rarely and sometimes are even mortified when those forbidden words escape the maximum security prison of their mouth. These are the people who are torn between expressing themselves and following the rules of their household, cursing is a sin.

But why is cursing forbidden?

Its a question that bothers me a lot. Cursing is a form of expressing oneself. Why should we be forbidden to express ourselves?

Do people think its a better idea to go and punch someone in the face in a fit of rage than to throw some curse words at them?

If people think that way then there is something seriously wrong with people. Let me tell you guys an incident, which of course happened on my daily bus travel.

I was on my way back home. And as the buses in Kathmandu valley go it was waiting / stopping in a stop for more than a few minutes. Then another bus came and stopped, not in front, not behind and not at the side. But stopped diagonally blocking the path of my bus.

If we follow “Cursing is a Sin” then the driver of my bus should have gotten down and have a hand to hand brawl with the other driver. But instead they had some heated argument with a good amount of curse words being thrown at each other.

The driver was still cursing long after we had departed the bus stop.

This is incident was resolved rather peacefully compared to the alternative. No one got injured and every one got to calm down their anger by using a bunch of words.

There have been many research on the benefits of cursing. These benefits include pain relief and non – violent retribution. Obviously better than being in pain and being violent at others.

So this whole rule of not cursing is a bunch of bull shit. So Fuck it and Fuck this rule (frustration overload while writing this without cursing once).

Swear when you feel like.

Curse when you are in pain.

Curse those bad grades.

And those fucking rules

That have been here for decades.


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