What has just ended in Nepal? The board examination of grade 12 conducted by NEB(National Education Board).

What’s so special about this examination? It’s the end of High School Life examination.

What after this examination? Join some entrance preparation courses in some renowned entrance preparation institute.

If you have read past the first three questions and have got here you must be wondering how this is related with the title “The Quota System”.  You will get to know this as you read further. And obviously there are many of you have already guessed it.

For those who do not know what “The Quota System” is, it’s basically some students getting special privilege while appearing in their career(and life) deciding entrance examinations because they belong to a certain privilege group. No, this is not something like white privilege we hear on TV shows, NEWS and social media posts. This is different. You do not get this privilege by being in the majority group but by being in the minority group.

Now for how this relates with the three questions at the top. Students who belong to these certain privileged group have certain number of spots(or seats) reserved for them in the entrance examinations. There might be a non-privilege group student who scores 95% marks in the examination and not get selected but a student in the privilege group might get selected by scoring 65%. This is because the privilege group student is not competing with everyone but only with others in the privilege group.

The government supposedly started this to help those students belonging to minority who could not afford quality education and hence were declared unable to compete with the majority group. But how fair is this system? Some student who is qualified might not get the chance to follow his/her dream career because some other student who could not get quality education in their childhood is now suddenly qualified enough for the same position.

I am not saying that this is a bad decision. There have been many exceptional students from the quota system. And it has helped many who could not have gotten the chance they deserve. But how fair is it? Instead of giving those minority group a special pass when they are at a place to decide on their career, could the government not make provisions of providing equal education to the students?

The other criteria for this provision is that the minority group student must have studied in a government school / public school. So, isn’t it a good (possible better than good) idea to improve the quality of education in the government schools? Teach the students in a better way with better resources.

My final thoughts on this is that “The Quota System” may provide few students a chance to pursue the career they want but in the mean time it will rob other qualified students from their opportunity to do the same. So, instead of providing an alternate path for the minority group, they should be given better quality education (for those in public schools) from early on in life.

Oh and if you are thinking how does this relate with the theme of this blog. This idea ran in my head when I overheard a conversation of  two students(assumed) about joining a medical entrance preparation class. And from my personal experience those guys are probably late and have to pay more for admissions.


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