Everyone is well aware of the new rule set by the Nepal Government, ‘The No Horn Rule’. Government’s way of following the trend and saying “New Year New Me”.

Like all the other commuters in the city of Kathmandu I was also tired of hearing the honk of bikes, mirco bus and other vehicles for no reason. And this new rule has brought some relief to my ears.

But the horn was put in the machinery for a reason. It was kept there because it was needed to show the presence of the vehicle to others. To tell people to get out of the way when hitting the brakes was not enough.

We all have seen this picture or something similar after the “No Horn” rule was implemented. This cartoon reflects the truth that is happening.

A person can walk on the road but a vehicle will be fined for sounding the horn to tell the person to move out of the way.


I had an incident today on my daily travel. Which, if the drivers were allowed to use the horn it would have probably saved a few minutes of my time and I would have reached my college on time.

I was on a micro bus which was behind a bus. The bus stopped because a car in front of the bus had stopped. Before the new year if this had happened both the micro that I was travelling and the bus would have hit their horns so much that the car driver would have told them his car had broken down in anger.

All thanks to this “No Horn” rule, everyone waited patiently for a few minutes till the bus driver realized what was happening. Then the conductor from the bus told the micro I was on to go back. The micro driver changed gear to reverse, backed away a few inches and tried to move past the bus.

This would have also gone smoothly. However, the conductor from the bus was standing in such a way that he blocked the route for my micro bus. This again would not have taken more than a second if there was no rule against horns. Since there is a rule we had to wait till the conductor turned back and realized he was blocking the way and moved out of the way.

This little hassle was just enough to make me late for my class.

I am not saying that I am against this new rule. I am really glad this rule came into existence. But all I am saying is that there needs to be some conditions (exceptions) where horn should be used.

Those vehicles honking in a traffic jam for no reason, or the bikes driving fast just sounding the horn should be fined.

But lets be honest. No one wants to end up in the situation like the one in the picture.

In the end we should all just be more considerate of the other people and make noise only when its needed rather than following the law in the fear of fine.


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