Trust: The Most Public Intimate Thing

Trust is something we all value. It is one of the intimate things we share that is more public than others. You can clearly see who trusts who and who is not trusted or who does not trust others.

It is fairly easy to identify the trust among people.

There is probably a person or several of them that you trust. Maybe more than you can remember at the moment.

But, is trust really that intimate and that special? Does it take months if not years of knowing someone for you to trust them? Read more


A Silent Bus Ride

Have you ever had a silent bus travel?

I did and let me tell you about it. You cannot find it at just any time of the day. You can find this ride only on mornings or in a night bus. Probably not even in a night bus because of the music the driver keeps on playing (This is according to people who have traveled in night bus).

Let me tell you what a silent bus travel is. Read more

Power is Truth

What is power?

According to a dictionary, “the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way”. Fair enough.

Some of the gamers or those into Sci-Fi might have different perspective on power, but I believe this definition includes those powers too.

But what has power got to do with the truth? Why is the title there?

Because “Power is Truth”. I know I am just quoting the title but that is true. If you have power you control what truth others get to know.

If you want a good example of it turn your history book. It was written by the victors who undoubtedly were powerful.

“Well that was in the past,” you say. “With democracy and media and law enforcement that is not true any longer.” But are you sure about it?

Power still is the truth. No matter what people say and what they claim, everyone cowers to power.

Even if you don’t cower you will still either be a silent witness or just a victim to power.

When you are right and power is wrong, you cannot speak the truth to the power because what power speaks is truth.

Ever tried arguing with a police officer? or a government official? or even you parents and teachers?

No matter what you say or show you will be wrong if you are speaking against them. Unless you are really really lucky.

A Wire Pole Story

When I came to this world I was not this tall or this strong. I was not in this shape. I had no shape. I was irregular a boulder if you may. I had no way in life. I was just lying there gathering moss.

Then one day some unknown people came and told that I could do bigger things in life. I could support others, help bring joy to many lives and do more than just gather moss and turn Green.

I thought this was amazing as they took me to a far away land from where I was born. Some unknown place with all these strange looking structures.
There I saw many others who have been gathered like me with their head held high to do good for the world, to give back for what they had been given.

Then the nightmare began: I was beaten, starved, kept in a dark place, heated till every part on my body, inside and out, was burning. They cut me, broke me to pieces, took away my form and forced me to change to this ideal form that they needed.

It was not just me but countless others. Some like me. Some different than me. But I could tell that all of us had gone through same or similar fate.

They loaded me and took me somewhere I did not know. They dug a hole in the ground. And they stood me up, buried my legs in the ground.

Now I have nails and holes in my body and they put these things called wires all over me. I cannot do anything. I just stand carrying these wires.

Sometimes some kind hearted person puts a paper around my skin. I feel warm there and protected. But soon that paper is torn away or washed by rain.

After all the promises and ambitions here I am standing, carrying the baggage of these wires. Standing in the rain, the heat and the cold while thousands of people pass by everyday trying to fulfill their dreams their ambitions. And the only solace I find now is providing the occasional shade to the travelers and the animals and a place for the tired birds to rest their wings

A Window Seat in Life

I think I speak for everyone when I say “Everyone wants to take the window seat on a travel”. For some reason the window seat is always attractive.

I have seen siblings fight on who gets to sit by the window and have overheard people discussing how they want to take the window seat even on air travels.

And I am no different. I want the window seat too. If there is a window seat empty at the very last I will go and take that seat even if I am getting off the bus two stops later.

On one of my such travel by a window seat I had a thought. “What if we are taking a window seat on our life?” Read more

Personal Space in A Public Place

A quick search of the term “personal space” in google greets you with the following result.

So personal space is the immediate physical space surrounding our body.

If you start to read some of the articles on the same search you will get to know 1 to 3 feet distance is acceptable for family and friends while normally its more than 4 feet for strangers.

But how well is this applicable in our actual life? Read more

Earphones All Around

Earphones All Around

You know what an earphone is. Those grammatically correct among you might have this urge to say earphones but you get what I mean.

All of us own one. If you have bought a phone or if you just own a phone you have a pair of earphones. Or at least had until those little guys got lost somewhere in this big world or died to natural causes or an accident.

Earphones I believe is just as revolutionary as the smartphone. It allows us to listen to what we like while being in the middle of a crowd without letting anyone around us know about it.

It’s a must have in our current world. Some of you might have earphones (or headphones or airbuds or other variations) in your ear right now which you clearly don’t need it to read this. It has become a culture of some sort to have earphones on your ear.

Read more